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Earn your church 10% of your total meal check while saving time and money by making group reservations now.
Church groups with 10+ eat for $10 (Each) when you choose from chicken or sirloin steak, with soup, salad and hibachi vegetables. (Optional: Tea and 1 Coke product included for groups over 50)

Call for reservations: 336-852-5550
Use promo code: DJC10-10

Our Menu Items and Specials

Sashimi platters made and delivered on for a house party!

We would love to prepare sushi platters for you, if you want to cater a function at your business or house, or we can host a cocktail party for you in our beautiful lounge area! We can tailor your evening to accommodate any special needs you may have to make your evening special!!

Sushi is our specialty.

We hope you all didn't miss out on our sushi specials tonight!! On this platter is a Spider roll, Jalapeno Roll, Rainbow Roll, Sweet & Sour Roll and a Cinderella Roll!!

Add the perfect Red or White Wine to your meal.

Select from our wide selection of White and Red Wines. We have all the stocked with all types of wines to match your every occasion, taste and platter.

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to take friends or that special someone.

What Our Clients Say:

The food was excellent. This is my Favorite place. We came here for our wedding anniversary. I love this place! Great atmosphere and great service!